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Cherry Aerospace – Securing the Aerospace Fastening Industry

Cherry Aerospace is a manufacturer of aerospace rivets and fasteners. Since 2007 they have been owned by Precision Castparts and doing business as Cherry Aerospace, a member of PCC’s SPS Fastener Division. PCC reportedly purchased Cherry for $300 million in cash. The first Cherry Rivet was produced after earning its patent in 1939. Up to this time rivets had to be installed by two workers, one on each side of the application, one would use the rivet hammer and the other would use a bucking bar to set the rivets. The new design by Carl Cherry allowed rivets to be set by one worker on the insertion side. Using a nail shaped steel mandrel Cherry could set the hollow aluminum rivet from one side. From 1951 to 2007 Cherry rivets was owned by Textron Aerospace Fasteners.

Cherry products are utilized in the commercial transportation, business jet, general aviation, helicopter, military, jet engine, and commercial airline markets. Manufacturers that employ cherry fasteners include: Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Cessna, Learjet, Gulfstream, Raytheon, Piper, Bell, Agusta, Sikorsky, Eurocopter, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, and Rolls Royce.

Available in a variety of materials, styles and sizes Cherry produces blind rivets, blind bolts, shear pin fasteners, rivetless nutplates, installation tools and systems. Cherry has FAA TSO Approval, ISO 9001 certifications, SAE Aerospace AS9100 accreditations, as well as Nadcap accreditations. Under the management of PCC Cherry Aerospace has added a full line of NAS1919/1921 blind rivets. The single action design features flush stembreaks, large bearing-footprints, and the option of blunt-nosed tooling or exposed lock collar. The Cherry 1900 rivets are perfect for composite structures because of its large blind-side footprint.

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