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Cinetech – Symbol of Quality Metal Film Resistive Products

With head offices in Hsin Tien, Taiwan and Kowloon, Hong Kong, Cinetech is a multinational producer of metal film resistive products. Founded in 1973, Cinetech designs and manufactures a full range of resistors (through hole, SMD, high-precision tolerance, very low TCR, etc.), ceramic disk capacitors, electrotrolyic capacitors (low leakage, low ESR, and long-lasting), quartz crystal products, and PCB (printed circuit board) assemblies.

Cinetech’s array of ISO 9001 certified and RoHS compliant solutions includes:
  • Network Resistors
  • Chip Resistors
  • Metal Film Resistors
  • Carbon Film Resistors
  • Power Wire Wound Resistors
  • Ceramic Rods and Caps for Making Resistors
  • Ceramic Disc Capacitors
  • Multilayer Capacitors
  • Chip Capacitors
  • Crystal Products
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

For projects requiring high stability and high voltage, Cinetech’s family of high-voltage SMD (surface-mount device) power resistors are ideal. They are engineered for use in power supply, automotive, military, medical, backlight inverter applications.

For projects calling for low TCR and low current noise, Cinetech’s array of proven precision thin film wraparound resistors are perfect for applications requiring low noise, stability, an ultra-low temperature coefficient of resistance, and a low voltage coefficient.

Able to withstand transient voltage surges, Cinetech’s thick film surge chip resistors are ideal for use in photo disc drives, LCD video monitors, medical equipment, military systems, inverters, chargers, and measurement instruments. It is small, lightweight, and highly stable during auto-placement surface mounting.

Integrated with specially-plated electrodes, Cinetech’s carbon film MELF (metal electrode leadless face) resistors provide excellent solderability termination and protection against humidity with is conformal multi-layer coating.

For the fiscal year 2012, Cinetech reported USD$49.5 million in annual sales, and operates with a financial capital worth USD$40 million.


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