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Complete Solution for NAS Standards Mil-Spec Components

NAS Standards, or National Aerospace Standards, include part standards for high strength, precision fasteners. It also defines high-pressure hose, electrical connectors, splices and terminations, rod end bearings, and other types of hardware and components. The Aerospace Industries Association has coordinated with the U.S. Department of Defense to convert over 500 MIL-SPECs to NAS. All parts that satisfy the National Aerospace Standard carry either the prefix “NASM” or “NAM,” signifying inch based and metric based measurements, respectively. The National Aerospace Standards Committee (NASC), a component of AIA, is responsible for regulating all NAS parts and updating NAS standards for all operations and issues that affect aviation and aerospace systems. This deals with policy, requirements, and standards for all technical and operations issues.

The AIA, Aerospace Industries Association, is a trade association that represents all the major aerospace and aviation defense manufacturers around the country.  The AIA acts as a forum in which representatives from government and industry organizations can exchange views and resolve problems on non-competitive matters relating to aerospace and defense. Currently, the AIA has more than 300 members, all major aerospace and defense companies and their suppliers. The organization deals in everything from aerospace and defense to commercial aviation, manned and unmanned defense systems, and space technologies and satellite communications.

NAS Standards are industry-wide standards developed by the AIA that governs all of the above-mentioned categories. Twice a year, representatives from these members meet and modify or maintain these standards. The following companies, among many others, offer NAS Standard parts: Agusta Helicopter, Avox Systems, Bell Helicopter, Boeing Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna, Dale Electronics, Deustch Co, EADS Casa, Eaton Aerospace, Enstrom Helicopter, Falcon Jet, Fujitsu, Gulfstream Aerospace, Hawker Beechcraft, Honeywell Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, and Viking Air. This is nowhere near an exhaustive list, but just a small list of hundreds of major names in the industry that participate in following the standards set by the AIA.

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