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Components of a Full Hose Assembly

It’s easy to neglect the little things like choosing the proper hose assembly in favor of focusing on bigger things like an engine. But, like with all things in aerospace and aviation, choosing the proper components for your hose assembly can make the difference between smooth operations or malfunctions.

Hose assemblies are used to allow movement between two port locations and to reduce the effects of vibration. Hose assemblies consist of a hose, varying in length, and a fitting, varying in length and size depending on the application in which the hose assembly is going to be placed. Hydraulic hoses consist of three main components: the tube, the reinforcement, and the cover. The tube is the inner layer of the hose, it passes information from one end of the hose to the other.  The reinforcement and the cover provide the hose with strength and durability to keep it from being damaged but force out environmental factors. Without any of these three components, a hydraulic hose wouldn’t work properly.

Fittings, the piece on either end of the hydraulic hose, are typically made from various metals such as stainless steel, brass, or carbon steel. Fittings contain two major components: a socket and a stem. The socket is the outer piece of the fitting and is used to cover the outer portion of the hose. The stem goes directly inside the hydraulic hose, this allows for the hose to connect to other components. Fittings are required to meet certain specifications such as being assembled as a matching set.

Both fittings and hydraulic hoses need to be assembled according to manufacturer standards with the proper equipment and procedures. The material that constructs the tube in a hydraulic hose needs to be selected based on the fluid that will be flowing through it. Incompatibility between the components and fluids can lead to premature degradation of the hose and result in leakage or early hose failure. 

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July 28, 2022

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