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Cyclean Engine Wash heading to Australia

Lufthansa’s Technik AG is opening up a Cyclean Engine Wash Service Station in Australia, making it the fifth continent to have one. The Melbourne facility will join other that are spread across the world, including locations such as Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. The cleaning mechanism is attached to a vehicle, making it mobile if it's necessary to move to other airports. The station has already been tested, and is now ready for all types of customers to use.

We have already successfully carried out the first Cyclean washes on IAE V2500 engines from an Airbus A320. But, essentially, we cater for all common models of engine. We are currently offering our engine cleaning to various Australian airline customers for demonstration purposes.

stated Head of Engine Life Cycle Services at Lufthansa Technik Oliver C. Winter.

Stationed at the Melbourne Airport, the washing process can be done as maintenance work, during the transitional period in between flights, or even overnight. It does not require any electrical power or water from outside sources, which makes it very convenient for transport and use at any time.

The manufacturer one day hopes to make the product even more useful, offering it to multiple international airlines that have long enough layovers at the Melbourne airport. With so many carriers demanding a more efficient way to clean engines, this type of cleaning station looks like it will keep on expanding. As for now, they will work on getting one in other parts of the country, such as Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane.

Over 40,000 engine washing have been done around the world since they were first opened. Over forty different airlines have used the service during that time period. The system’s efficiency is unmatched; it boasts a seventy percent quicker wash than standard cleaning methods, with minimal restrictions.


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