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Embraer Delivers the First Best Selling Phenom 100EV

On March 31 Embraer Executive Jets delivered the first Phenom 100EV to an undisclosed U.S. customer. The new aircraft model was certified by Brazil’s ANAC and by the FAA. An evolution of the Phenom 100, which entered service in 2008, the Phenom 100EV delivers better performance with modified engines and new avionics components. The renowned Prodigy Touch flight deck, which was introduced in the market by the Phenom 300 light jet, is now displayed on the entry-level Phenom 100EV. Pratt & Whitney Canada’s modified engines (PW617F1-E) offer more speed with remarkable performance, especially in hot-and-high operations.

With over 350 aircraft flying in 37 countries, the Phenom 100 is distinguished for its high utilization design as well as low operating and maintenance costs, among owner-pilots, charter, corporations and fractional operators. The aircraft is also considered ideal for preparing pilots for multi-engine jet operations, and is in use by flight training academies worldwide.

Michael Amalfitano, CEO of Embraer Executive Jets stated, “The Phenom 100 set new industry standards when it arrived in 2008, raising customers’ expectations of an entry-level business jet. The evolution of our first clean-sheet-design jet reflects our pledge to listen to customers and to endure to bring innovative aircraft with superior value to the market.”

The pilot-friendly cockpit facilitates single-pilot operation, with situational awareness upgraded by the advanced man-machine interface of the touchscreen-controlled Prodigy Touch flight deck, based on the Garmin G3000, split screen capability, with larger HD displays, and a new weather radar. The Phenom 100 EV features 1,730 pounds of thrust, modified Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E engines, reaching a 405 ktas high speed cruise and up to 15% more thrust at hot-and-high airports, which assimilates to more range and a faster time to climb. The aircraft has a four-occupant range of 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 km), with NBAA IFR reserves.

The aircraft features eleven interior design collections, generous natural light from large windows, even in the private rear lavatory. A feature that is typically only seen in larger aircraft, which is also the case of the integrated air stair, refreshment center and the largest baggage compartment in its class. The Phenom 100 EV is the evolution of the spacious aircraft in its class, bringing interior enhancements, such as featuring a straight-line design to increase the aisle area, and relocated power outlets with USB chargers.

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July 28, 2022

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