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Eurocopter France – A Fully Integrated Aeronautical Group

When it comes to manufacturing and producing top of the line civil and military helicopters Eurocopter had become Europe’s leader as a fully integrated aeronautical group. Eurocopter was created in 1992 when the company merged between the helicopter divisions of Aerospatiale-matra (France) and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (Germany). Since then the Eurocopter group is now a subsidiary owned by European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, which is considered one of the three aerospace groups in the world. As of today Eurocopter is composed of three entities. The first entity is the parent company, which is referred to Eurocopter. The Second entity is the German subsidiary, Eurocopter Deutschland. The third and last entity is the Spanish subsidiary, Eurocopter Espana. All of these entities have a unified command structure enabling Eurocopter to be the leader at producing helicopters.

Business and product description:

Since being established Eurocopter has created an expansive network of customer service distributors, service centers and training centers. All of these networks are composed of more than 100 different members located in 35 countries around the world making Eurocopter products and services fully assessable. Eurocopter goal is to keep their customers helicopters in the air, whether is a spare part, technical assistance, MRO services or training. Eurocopter products of helicopters range from civil use to military use. Some of Eurocopter civil helicopters consist of EC120B, EC135, EC145, AS365N3 and EC155B1. The features of most of the civil range helicopters are composed of advanced technologies for simple, safe and cost efficient operations. Some of the military range helicopters that Eurocopter produces consist of EC635, EC645, Panther and the Cougar. The military helicopters are produced to easily operate in extreme and harsh conditions.

Know about the major distributor of Eurocopter parts:

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