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Garmin Offering GTN Upgrades

Garmin has announced that they are now offering a system upgrade to the GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators. These GTN updates are installed on certain helicopters only but will offer safety upgrades as well as cockpit resource management enhancements that are specifically geared towards single-pilot operations. The update applies to all GTN navigators with the v6.11 software and can be installed on the Bell 206/407 series as well as the MD Helicopters MD 369 E/F/FF and Eurocopter AS350 B2/B3, EC130 B4, EC 130 T2.

The two prominent safety feature upgrades include a wire strike alert system, a fuel range ring and animated weather graphics. Wire Aware graphically depicts wire-strike hazards while providing both visual and auditory alerts if HTAWS is enabled on the moving map and terrain pages. Included in the features is a system that animates and displays weather radar data from a variety of sources thus making all important in-flight decisions easier. The system upgrades also have a fuel flow sensor that can overlay two fuel range rings on the moving map with one indicating the flight distance possible given the remaining fuel with another subtracting a customizable amount of reserve fuel.

Another added bonus to the upgrade system is a feature for pilots to enter flight plans and navigating way-points. The Fast-find feature uses a predicative logic to provide way-points and airports in the user’s GPS vicinity. The new system allows users to input common aviation frequencies without the initial “1” or trailing zeroes and displays the facility name next to a tuned frequency for positive identifications.

This Garmin Aviation Checklist Editor that has been added allows pilots to create custom checklists, way-points and flight plans on their PCs at which point they can load them via a data card onto their GTN system. Lastly a tool for SAR operators is included in the system as well. This will automatically generate flight plans using four SAR search patterns: Expanding Square, Parallel Line Search and Orbit and Sector Search. Founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao, the company specializes in innovative GPS (Global Positioning System) technology that has wide-spread applications in aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, tracking and even mobile apps.


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