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GE Honda Aero Engines Receives US Approval for HF120 Production

Two years after the HondaJet light twin-engine was developed, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved GE Honda Aero’s HF120 for production. The trusty twin-engine weighs 2,059 lbs. and was manufactured through a joint venture between GE Aviation and HondaJet under a USD$4.5 million contract. Production of the HF120 began testing at the Lynn, Massachusetts facility but will move to the Burlington, Massachusetts plant. The Burlington plant has the ability to build up to five hundred engines a year. After production, the engine may also be procured by Sapphire for the Cessna Citation jet.

This turbofan engine utilizes a titanium blisk fan with outer guide vanes and combustor materials. This allows for reduced flight interruptions and lowered costs of maintenance. Time between necessary overhaul is increased to about 5,000 hours with a more durable and lightweight engine design. Furthermore, this engine follows GE’s commitment for a reduced carbon footprint with lowered emissions of nitrate, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon gases. The maximum take-off at sea level is recorded at 2,095 lbs. of force and power extraction of 24.2 hp. The trust to weight ratio is 4.5 with a control of dual-channel FADEC.

Since 1986, Honda has increased its role in the aerospace industry and the HF120 marks that official step forward. President of Honda Aero Masahiko Izumi stated, “Step by step, we would like to grow our business. To this end, we will first earn the trust of our customers with high-quality products and services. Then, expanding the scope of our production certification, begin to manufacture parts in-house, cultivate new customers of HF120, and enhance next-generation engine lineups.” GE Aviation shares a similar sentiment. Founded in 1917 and headquartered in Evendale, Ohio, GE Aviation has grown to more than 37,800 employees and is expanding every year in revenue.

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