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Goodrich Corporation shines at the Farnborough International Airshow

The Goodrich Corporation has presented  a full series of cutting-edge systems for commercial aircraft, defense and space submissions at the Farnborough International Airshow 2012, which took place in  Farnborough, UK on July 9th threw the 15th .  The Goodrich pavilion has clearly featured a fully overblown life raft from its Winslow creation range which was used by important corporate and business aircraft industrialists, and custom-designed to fit in a variation of aircraft interior formations. Finishing the progressive safety and rescue systems shown are rescue hoists and the Goodrich ACES 5 discharge seat, which builds on the legacy ACES II discharge seat's one-of-a-kind immovability package, lesser life cycle costs and established safety record. The Goodrich display has contained an MDR-80 mission data recorder with an progressive TERPROM digital ground system which is the only ground alertness and cautionary system of its skill on the market

It effectively fuses and interprets the inputs of a assorted array of sensors to offer pilots with full situational alertness, allowing them to fly much more carefully and successfully. The present reproduction will give guests a chance to see the system in action as they test an aircraft across a wide-ranging environment. The MEMS manufacturing facility that Goodrich Corporation has opened will create small silicon wafer sensors which will be about the size of a fingertip. They are used through the company's commercial and military aerospace sensor-based merchandises and organizations. In addition to the new MEMS facility, Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems president Tom Mepham had pointed out the high tech icing wind shaft on the campus, which started working earlier in the year. The wind shaft is one of the most cutting-edge aerospace icing wind shafts in the world today.


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