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Hartzell Received Approval for Cessna 177B Prop

Hartzell Propeller, a well-known American manufacturer, has been rewarded an STC for their 2-blade aluminum scimitar propellers this will replace Hartzell’s props that are regarded as factory standard for the Cessna Cardinal 177B aircraft. Provided through the manufacturer’s “Top Prop” performance conversion program, Hartzell’s pricing starts at almost $11,000 for the newest seventy-six point five inch diameter Scimitar propeller, which also brags a composite spinner and STC documentation.

The manufacturer’s latest propeller offers an increase in 177B performance in a handful of key areas. Areas of improvement include: reduction in take off distance by almost 5%, improvement in acceleration, and enhancement in climbing performance while cruise speeds have been upgraded 2 to 4 knots. This new prop is suited with Hartzell’s Powerflow Exhaust system while meeting the standard for worldwide noise limits.

JJ Frigge, Hartzell’s executive vice president, believes the new replacement propeller provides Cardinal 177B owners with an opportunity to take an edge in Hartzell’s reliability and performance benefits. With the ability to get a longer, two-thousand four-hundred hour TBO for six years, and possessing the lengthiest warranty in the market, even though its first overhaul, Frigge believes the replacement propeller gives operators a big advantage.

Hartzell Propeller, which is in its one-hundred and first year of business, is regarded as a global front runner in regards to advanced technology aircraft propeller designing and manufacturing for customers that range from business, government, and commercial. The manufacturing company creates propellers for the next generation that possess the “blended airfoil” technology. Hartzell manufactures with innovative machining centers and robotics stations.


July 28, 2022

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