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Japan’s Setouchi Holdings Buys Quest Aircraft

Headquartered in Sandpoint, Iowa, Quest Aircraft is an American aircraft manufacturing company that designs and provides aircraft for both domestic and international humanitarian applications. They are known for manufacturing the Kodiak, a 10-place single engine turboprop airplane designed for short takeoff landing (STOL) use and float capability.

The KODIAK is an extremely unique aircraft. Its ability to handle difficult airstrips is due to the control it maintains at slow speeds, as well as the robust landing gear and 19-inch propeller clearance. It can take off in under 1,000 feet at a full weight of 7,305 pounds, and only needs 705 feet to come to a full stop.

Yesterday, Setouchi Holdings Inc., a member of the Tsuneishi Group, announced its acquisition of Quest Aircraft Company. According to Sam Hill, the CEO of Quest Aircraft, the Quest Company has experienced consistent growth over the past few years and with the “new financial capitalization and a shared understanding of the potential opportunities in the marketplace for expansion, [they] are looking forward to significant growth for Quest in the years ahead.” Hill believes the Tsuneishi Group’s extensive manufacturing experience as well as their global capabilities will benefit Quest on a large scale. The acquisition will lead to increased company growth and, therefore, increased production, and plans for both physical and personnel expansion will be developed and implemented.

Quest Aircraft currently has 14 dealerships in 17 countries, and is looking to keep expanding. Last year, Setouchi Holdings was appointed as one of these dealerships for the Kodiak aircraft in Japan, which opened the door for the following acquisition. Hill’s excitement with the acquisition is only increasing. The Tsuneishi Group “believes strongly in the Kodiak, and want to help us make Quest the leading manufacturer of single-engined turboprops in the world.”

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