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L3 Technologies and Air Tractor Join OA-X Experiment with the AT-802L Longsword

L3 Technologies, one of the top defense contractors in the world as agreed to participate in the US Air Force OA-X experiment. The experiment began July 31st and is with the Air Tractor AT 802L longsword, which is an armed reconnaissance version of a tail dragging crop-duster. A tail dragging aircraft is an aircraft that lands and taxis on a tail wheel or a skid and keeps its nose off the ground. These planes will give the air force and entire new approach to combat. L-3 wants to be a part of this experiment in hopes that it will increase their customer options and generate more revenue.

L-3 does have some competitors who will also be involved in the experiment, although they have yet to be announced. L-3 already made a huge announcement at this year’s Paris air show when they introduced their brand-new AT-802L. This aircraft has an Air Tractor equipped cockpit that is glass, and Wescam MX-15 infrared/electrooptical sensor pod and hardpoints under the belly and the wings. L-3 will benefit greatly from this experiment if it is successful because they have plans to sell twelve of the modified crop dusters to Kenya. This OA-X experiment is expected to gather more information for the United States Air Force but US Special Operations Command.

The two services released a pre-solicitation searching platform for a technology that is a light attack support for special operations. The air force special operations will attend the experiment. The experiment is described as a combat field test used for potential foreign military sales. They have been flying mission’s day and night with and without weapons to accurately test the aircrafts. They are even preforming simulated surveillance and light attack missions. The next phase of the experiment will be an experimental deployment into a real combat zone, with Iraq or Syria being the location for the test.

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July 28, 2022

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