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Leach International - Trusted Source for High-Power Switching and Control Components

Leach International, a subsidiary of Esterline Power Systems, designs and produces a variety of high-power switching and control components and other parts for aviation and aerospace, rail, and industrial applications around the world. Esterline Power Systems brings in more than $374 million in sales annually, and Leach is one of the better performing subsidiaries of Esterline. Leach has a product line of relays, switches, contactors, relay panels, power distribution units, and other electronic and electrical components. Exactly how successful is the Leach subsidiary? Let’s take a look at what they've accomplished in the past couple years.

In 2012, Leach International was named the Gulfstream Supplier of the Year. Gulfstream Aerospace, one of the largest aviation manufacturers in the world, gives out this yearly award as one of its highest supply chain awards possible. Gulfstream commended Leach International North America on their exceptional power and control products. They achieved quarterly scorecard ratings of GREEN in all categories in 2010 and 2011.

In addition, in 2009, they added to their successful product line of relays and contactors with a three-busbar-mount contactor for commercial and military use. These are even more compact and upgraded from their previous WB, ZB, and HB lines contacts. They are also much more lightweight and easy to install.

Why to Choose Leading Manufacturer:

ASAP Semiconductor is a wholesale distributor of Leach International contactors and other products, including their WB, ZB, and HB lines of contactors as well as their new busbar-mount contactors. If you have demand for any of these parts, contact us today for a quote.


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