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The Legendary 747 is coming to an end. And many are sad to see it go

As of 2018 flight 747 the original Jumbo Jet Is not going to be served as the main Air force but a modernized version of it will start to serve as the next air force one. Many people think it is the end for this amazing jet. This jet was first flown away in 1969. It has a beautiful history behind it that many people are sad to see it stop production. Many people still view this as the one of the largest planes. It’s said that it is marvelous to be seen in real life. Many people are shocked to how big it is when viewed in person. For example, John F Pearson described it as “exciting plane, even awesome and majestic” he also said “stand near the rear of 47 and you have to bend your head back to see the top of its tail, which is just as high as five story building” this description of this plane makes me even sad to see it come to an end. 747 has been functioning for over 47 years and many people are sad to see it go but at the same time many are trying to enjoy the last moments that is still hanging on.

747 held on the title of the biggest airliner for almost 4 decades. And this is another reason why many people are sad to see it go. It holds a long history. Examples of airlines that have purchased the latest 747 are Korean Air, Air China, Cathy Pacific, and All Nippon Airways Also. The US air force had chosen to serve in their Air Force.

Boeing decided this big decision because they felt like in recent years the airlines has shifted to smaller, two engine aircraft and this is mainly to save on fuel costs. Therefore 747 has not been making a lot of profit and its shares have been dropping in most recent years.

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