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Partnership between Teledyne Controls and GE Aviation to Transform Engine Maintenance Operation

Engine Data is the best way to enhance the health and performance the airplane engines, every company that designs and manufacturers engines has to face the reality of their product and how it performs from every angle. Engine data can be of great value because it shows the results for performance of an engine in real life where every bit of details can be recorded and seen by experts and engineers in order to make an effort to enhance their design in the future. Teledyne Controls and GE Aviation have agreed to join partnership in order to monitor engine health data. Originally engine data had to be measured or received in a lab with the engine running in a controlled environment. However, now and thanks to technology they are able to measure the engine data wirelessly in real time and while the aircraft is flying. This allows the engineers to measure real time and real event measurements.

Engine health data is being taken to whole another level according to Teledyne Controls and that’s because the capacity of taking this data is being changed, according to Willie Cecil, the director of business development, health monitoring always had a limit of few hundred bytes and that is not much. Also, the technology that used to gather this data was not up to date with what we have today. Engine data has been transferred by ACARS which is a limited access because of limited bandwidth. On the other hand, using Teledyne’s GroundLink original technology creates a higher bandwidth and continuous data reception during short and long flight hours available for technicians and engineers to see.

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