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Pentagon Pays off Lockheeds $1bn F-35 payment

To stay caught up with the mile-long Fort Worth assembly line, the Defense Department is contributing large amounts of money towards the F-35 Lightening II program. Orlando Carvalho is the Lockheed executive vice president of aeronautics. He has mentioned a large contribution almost amounting to 1 billion dollars. During a speech to the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Carvalho mentioned that the reimbursement came shortly after discussing contracts regarding the 149 fighters. Cash amount was leading to a tough finish for the aircraft since they have been self-funding until the reimbursement came through, now cash is less of a hardship, thanks to the Defense Department. The Cost of the aircraft is higher in price due to the software it contains. However, there has been talk that they are having complications with the existing software.

A goal that is trying to be completed by Fort Worth is to bring the amount of the software pricing to a lower minimum. A spokesman named Joe DellaVedova, who represents the Pentagon F-35 program expresses, says that the money given was to ensure support until a deal is made that will benefit the U.S. services and international partners. DellaVedova also mentions that the money that was funded to the aircraft was in the middle of being transferred when the received Fort Worth’s earning call. F-35 is known for having an undefinitized contract, meaning that work can begin while processing of the reimbursement. 379 billion dollars hits the record of costly payments for the weapons system in the past of Pentagon history. A promotion is occurring in Lockheed costing 1.2 billion dollars, resulting in 1,500 addition employees by the end of 2017. The additional staff will consist mainly of assembly-line workers and some supporting staff. Thankfully, the software has reached an outstanding performance and Fort Worth could not feel greater about their improvements on avionics and mission systems. The aircrafts operations are all-embracing.

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