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Pratt & Whitney Canada launches pay per hour maintenance program

Pratt & Whitney who are Canada innovators are ready to launch they maintenance program which is pay per hour maintenance program. It is called the leading-edge eagle service plan. It is mainly tailored to PT6A customer. Each plan is different and it depends on the airplane and the distance where it is at. It optimizes different plans. All their plans are cost effective which makes them even more appealing and more user friendly. This can save many a lot of money for the long term run. Therefore, many people are using it and many are willing to pay extra to be able to have their one on one service.

Some of the different plans that they have are one is the especially for you PT engine plane. This plan provides the first hours of coverage for free only to customers of new PT S engine powered aircraft. The other plan is an enhancement plan to P7W current ESP plan offering. This enables customers to apply their ESP plan investment. This is mainly for customers that are already enrolled in the service. It allows customers to select a new engine plan for the same model they have. Finally, the third plan is called the eagle service plan which is an engine maintenance service plan there is a fixed monthly fee and where operators have different level of operation to pay. There are different levels of coverage.

With these plans and great opportunities Pratt& Whitney are leading the aerospace and are shaping the future of the aviation industry. The Vice president Satheesh kumar Kumarasingam said

“We’ve proven the bottom-line value of the ESP plan to thousands of customers as a unique solution that delivers a planned approach to OEM-backed engine maintenance. And we continue to innovate our maintenance coverage options with the launch of new and enhanced programs. Today’s announcement is a testament to the program’s ongoing evolution in delivering comprehensive pay-per-hour coverage.”

Even their president is excited to announce their new plan. Which is the best plan for any aircraft repair and aircraft maintenance.


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