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Rolls-Royce Tests Gearbox with Up to 100,000 Horsepower

Rolls-Royce conducted the first test for its Power GearBox (PGB) at its facility in Germany. The beginning of PBG testing has marked an important step for Rolls-Royce’s UltraFan engine as it has been two whole years since the design for the UltraFan was first released. The PGB is an essential part of the fan’s infrastructure and efficiencies. It will enable the engine to provide power that reaches 100,000HP during aircraft take-off, landing, and during flight.

So far, the PBG has been tested in low speeds and low pressures. These set of tests have proved that its rig dynamics and oils systems function accordingly.

The PBG has been scheduled to undergo more testing for the rest of the year that will showcase just how well it does under all types of conditions including, low-power, various pitches and roll angles at high-speed combinations, and at different altitudes.

After this phase of testing in complete, the PGB will be tested to its full power and the entire project should be finalized by 2025. Compared to the first generation of Rolls-Royce Trent engine, this Ultra-Fan engine will deliver an even lower burn efficiency with lower emission, a CTI System that will reduce weight, a heat resistant ceramic matrix, and a geared design that will deliver power even during high-thrust. Together, these new features will allow this UltraFan engine to have a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency. To make this possible, Rolls-Royce partnered with Liebherr-Aerospace. They developed the capabilities available for the new PGB Power Rig.

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