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Rolls Royce to Reduce Life Cycle Costs

Life cycle expenditures for helicopters can be a pricey investment for helicopter operators over time. A solution to lowering these costs has been in high demand for some time. Thankfully, aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce has come up with a solution to this long-term concern. They are currently working to develop and new dual channel full authority digital engine (or FADEC) and control systems. This will take the place of the already existing hydro-mechanical equipment on some turboshafts.

This is thought to be the answer to the struggle to keep costs low while not sacrificing quality and functionality of these aircraft engine parts. Jason Propes, Rolls-Royce senior vice president for helicopter and light turboprops states, “These systems will improve the reliability of engines, and we expect to be able to introduce increased in time between overhaul for some components, resulting in lower dollar per operating hour for customers.”

There are quite a few additional upgrades for operators. One of these is the Value Improvement Package kit, which allows Series IV operators to boost hot and high performance. This modification is based on designed changes to the impeller, diffuser and first-stage nozzle that controls and improves airflow. Another new development is that Rolls-Royce is taking action to further improve the process by which data is obtained from its engines as part of the movement towards lower life cycle costs. They understand that the use of smarter and more efficient ways of receiving data is a top priority for consumers.

“This is all part of how we are trying to add more value,” explained Propes, “It starts with providing an affordable propulsion solution and then looking to reduce life-cycle costs for operators, delivering more for the same or lower cost.” Aviation Sourcing Solutions is a leading aircraft engine parts supplier. We want to make sure technological advancements, like the ones made to the Rolls Royce engines, are possible by offering a vast array of parts and making them available by way of a convenient and streamlined process. We are your go-to aircraft parts distributor.


July 28, 2022

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