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Thales Avionics – Well-Known for Providing Integrated and Secured Solutions

Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defense, transportation, and security markets. The company currently employs 65,000 people in 56 locally based country operations. Thales is headquartered in Neuilly-sur-Seine and its stock is listed on the Euro next Paris. The original name of the company was Compagnie Francaise Thomson-Houston, but was changed in December 2000. The company focuses on providing the tools and technologies customer’s need to gather, process and distribute information, helping customers understand complex situations.

Thales has operations in 56 countries and has developed close relationships with local customers to grasp the intricacies of their optional decision-making processes and propose the best solutions for every situation. For 2012, the company had revenues of 14.2 billion and had 13.3 billion Euros orders taken in 2012.  The money spent on research and development was 2.5 billion Euros. For 2012, Jean-Bernard Levy was chairman and CEO. The senior executive vice-president was Patrice Caine.

How to Get Best Aircrafts:

For the aerospace group, Thales is a world-leading provider of on board and ground systems for the civil aerospace market. The company provides systems and functions for all types of aircraft including: commercial airliners, regional, business aircraft, and helicopters. They are partnered up with leading manufactures including Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Sukhoi. Thales provides electronic equipment for flight control, navigation, communication and surveillance for aircraft including helicopters. For their space group, Thales Group designs flexible payloads for all missions in all frequency bands as well as networking satellite solutions and satellite delivery services. For their defense group, the company designs and delivers systems for all four environments: air, land, sea and space. The security group offers solutions that deliver a clear and precise overview regardless of how much information is involved. The transportation group offers customers a wide range of railways signaling solutions and integrated transportation systems to ensure safe and secure transportation of goods and people.


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