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The Boeing Company and Russian Technologies expand their Partnership

Today the Boeing Company is looking to work together with Russian Technologies to develop a constituent management service to care for Russian airline customers. This could decrease share costs, make things easier logistically and decrease distribution time of serious extra parts to Russian airlines. The companies also are discovering ways for Boeing to support Rostech in further progress of in-country restoration and renovation capability for Western aircraft components, in order to produce aviation parts restoration and renovation establishments within Russia. They are also working on an agreement to enlarge partnership in titanium finding and technology development.

Boeing and Rostech also are looking to surge their collaboration in commercial aviation services. Also in the Boeing Industry the Boeing 787 Dreamliner took its first flight on Sunday. Many say it was an outstanding flight but stock market investors do not seem excessively excited due to analysts guesstimating that Boeing will have to sell over one thousand jets before it makes a profit. In addition, Boeing is working to receive over two billion dollars in military contracts from India. They are planning to buy fifteen Chinook CH-47F heavy lift helicopters and twenty two AH-64D Block III Apache helicopters.


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