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The First US produced Airbus is being delivered to A321

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design released an article on May 19th 2016 talking about how American Airlines has taken delivery on the Airbus A321 in Mobile, Alabama. This Airbus A321 aircraft is considered to be the first US produced Airbus in world history.

Because of this milestone for both American Airlines as well as for Airbus, there were many employees to witness this event in history. Over three hundred employees of American Airlines and Airbus were present at the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility in on Mobile, Alabama.

Here is what Bob Le-kites, the Airbus Americas executive vice president customers, has to say about this delivery.

The relationship between American Airlines and Airbus is a long and successful collaboration to provide the most modern, fuel-efficient aircraft for both of our customers. American Airlines already operates the world’s largest fleet of Airbus aircraft and the largest A321 fleet. With this delivery, we are adding a very special aircraft to those already sporting the American livery – an Airbus aircraft built here in the USA. This is the first of many American Airlines airplanes to be delivered from Mobile, and we are proud it will join a growing, thriving fleet.

David Seymour, the American Airlines senior vice president of Integrated Operations also wanted to talk about this milestone in history.

Having Airbus produce its world-class aircraft in the United States has simplified our delivery process. It’s an honor to take delivery of this A321 today, and we thank everyone working in this facility for producing a high-quality aircraft for us.

The Mobile, Alabama Airbus facility uses a single aisle assembly line in order to produce and manufacture this Airbus A321 aircraft.


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