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The Top 10 Boeing Operators

Since when the Boeing 777 made its debut in June of 1995, its performance has been unmatched. The airplane has flown just under five million flights and has accumulated over 18 million flight hours. The 777 is the biggest breadwinner of Boeing’s fleet, easily making the most sales. It is the most popular and commercially successful twin aisle aircraft of all time.


The top 10 Boeing 777 operators are as follows:

  1. Emirates Airline (144 in service, 50 on order)
  2. United Airlines (74 in service, 0 on order)
  3. Cathay Pacific (65 in service, 5 on order)
  4. Air France (64 in service, 4 on order)
  5. American Airlines (64 in service, 3 on order)
  6. All Nippon Airways (54 in service, 9 on order)
  7. Singapore Airlines (58 in service, 2 on order)
  8. British Airways (58 in service, 0 on order)
  9. Korean Air (38 in service, 17 on order)
  10. Qatar Airways (44 in service, 11 on order)

Boeing is considering altering their production rate of the 777 with the way they are selling so quickly. This could create a conflict since they are developing the 777X, which is set to debut in 2018. The 777X is a more fuel-efficient version of the current model. The 777 is Boeing’s biggest source of commercial profitability, and some investors and analysts have said they are concerned because any cut in its production could decrease earnings and cash flow.

“We’ll make whatever adjustments we need to make [on production rates], but we don’t see any need to make any of those adjustments at this time,” said Boeing’s Chief Financial Officer Greg Smith. Boeing is confident they will be able to make the transition without any problems.

Some facts about the 777:

  • Top speed: 590 mph (950 km/h)
  • Wingspan: 200 ft (61 m)
  • Cruise speed: 562 mph (905 km/h)
  • Introduced: June 7, 1995
  • Unit cost: 258,800,000 - 315,000,000 USD
  • Engine type: Turbofan

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