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Boeing & Airbus: Top 11 Most Popular Narrowbody and Widebody Airliners of 2014

On the third week of January 2015, Airbus and Boeing (the world’s two largest manufacturers of airliners) released their figures for orders and deliveries for the year 2014:

The narrowbody Airbus A320neo took the top spot with 1,011 net orders. Debuting in 2014 with Qatar Airways, this aircraft is currently offered in three variants: the A319neo, A320neo, and A321neo.

The second highest ordered airliner was the Boeing 737 Max with 900 net orders. First flight for the Neo is scheduled for 2016, with deliveries beginning in 2017.

Taking third position, the Airbus A320ceo made away with 310 net orders despite its eventual replacement by the A320neo.

In fourth place, the Boeing 777X, a twin-aisle widebody jet, received 220 net orders. The aircraft has two variants: the 777-8X and the 777-9X (built with an increased wingspan and raked wingtips). The 777X was introduced in 2013 and delivery is scheduled for 2020.

The fifth highest ordered airliner was the Boeing 737NG. This narrowbody aircraft attained 203 net orders last year but will eventually be replaced by the 737 Max.

Coming in at number six, the Airbus A330neo received 120 net orders. With two variants, the A330-800neo and A330-900neo, the aircraft will replace the lackluster-selling A350-800. Entry into services is scheduled for 2017.

As perhaps a cosmic gag, the Boeing 777 placed number seven in total orders. The widebody took in 63 net orders.

The eighth highest ordered airliner was the Boeing 787. The Dreamliner widebody received 41 net orders for 2014. The 787 has three variants: 787-8, 787-9, and the largest 787-10. The -8 entered into service in 2011, the -9 took commercial flight in 2014, and the -10 is scheduled for service in 2018.

The Airbus A330ceo was the company’s highest selling widebody offering, but will soon be replaced by the A330neo. However, the A330ceo still received 34 net orders last year putting the aircraft in ninth position.

In tenth place, the Airbus A380 received 13 net orders. This superjumbo aircraft is currently the world’s biggest passenger airliner but has experienced sluggish sales since its introduction.

Finally, the Boeing 767 received four net orders putting it in last place in the ranking of Airbus and Boeing’s positive net orders for 2014. The four new orders were for the US Air Force’s KC-46A refueling tanker program rather than civilian use.

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