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VietJet Goes Boeing once again with a billion-dollar deal for U.S. aircrafts

Vietjet purchases 100 Boeing Aircraft to add to their collection of US planes to their Airlines. Behind the billion-dollar deal, the airlines wish to amplify to new frontiers. Expanding the Asian tourism and increasing the traveling market with plenty more passengers. The deal approximately cost 11.3 Billion US dollars being Vietnam's largest purchase of aircraft in Vietnamese history. The purchase of 100 737 MAX 200 jets will add to Vietjets collection making them owners of over 200 Boeing aircraft. The approximate delivery time of the 737 MAX 200 jets to Vietjet would be between the years 2019 – 2023.

Back in Chicago, Boeing turns its focus on building their large order of 737 MAX 200 jets. In result of the focus shifting and Boeing being a bit more financially elevated because of this large order, they had said to cut production of its 747-8 jet due to its weaker demand.

The US and Vietnamese relation was taken to a new level with the closing of this deal. Madam Nguy?n Th? Phuong Th?o, VietJet's CEO goal with this purchase was to speed up the process of Asia’s nations aviation industries development along with relations with the US. Boeing is very content with this deal because they continue to provide a quality service and manufacture to quality customers. Not only does Vietnam see this deal bettering relations but Boeing on the US side as well.

Incorporating the latest design and technology features, the highly efficient 737 MAX 200 will provide VietJet's growing network with market-leading economics, a superior passenger experience and contribute significantly to their future success.

said by Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner.

In recent years, relations between the US and Vietnam have increased and try to promote a well stable relation appose to ones like one they have with China that are cancerous.


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