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What is Wire Harness and Basics of Guide Wire Technology?

A wiring harness is a group of wires that are bundled together. They can come in many different sizes including small sizes that can be transported by hand to large sizes that need to be transported via machinery. They can be applied in various different sectors and uses ranging from a small bundle of wires found attached to your computer to sturdier wires that can be connected to an automobile. Wiring harnesses are known in the industry by several different names including electrical wiring harnesses, looms, cable assemblies, coax cables, RF cables, injection molded cable assemblies, fiber optic cables, or simply just harnesses.

An example of a wiring harness is a simple extension cord, as an extension cord is basically a small wiring harness. In relation to this post, we’ll discuss the wiring harnesses that are used in aircraft. These types of harnesses can be very large and may have thousands of wires in them as well as hundreds of connectors. Aircraft harnesses can weigh as much as 100 or more pounds and can cost more than $50,000. When located on the market, wire harnesses for aircraft are typically sold as one entire package as opposed to just one wire at a time because it is much more convenient for maintenance mechanics to install and build as one unit. It also makes it easier for them to connect each wire to its corresponding terminal or connector. Another convenience with acquiring as one unit is that you can quickly route a group of wires already bundled together faster than routing them individually.
Wire Part Types
There are various types of wire harnesses, and the way in which they are classified.are by their ability to steer, along with their pushability, torque and opacity. Pushability refers to how much force is needed to advance the wire, while steerability refers to the responsiveness and capabilities of the tip of the wire to navigate vessels. Meanwhile, torque is the response of the wire to turning by the operator when navigating vessels. Its opacity is its level of visibility under fluoroscopic imaging. In this sector there is also something called “guide wires” which comes in two basic forms, those being the solid core wire enveloped in a braid or smaller wire coil and nitinol core wires (solid steel). Braided or coiled wires provide more degrees of pushability, kink resistance, and flexibility. 
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July 28, 2022

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