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Rockwell Collins, founded in 1933, is a large US-based company with around $4.47 billion in annual revenue. It specializes in avionics and information technology systems to primarily government agencies and other aircraft manufacturers, although it does supply small businesses. The company, formerly Collins Radio Company, was founded by Arthur Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The initial business model revolves around the design and production of shortwave radio equipment. The company eventually entered the market for military and scientific consumers. After World War II and especially during the Cold War, Rockwell Collins developed flight control instruments and satellite voice transmissions in addition to its radio communication devices. It played a major role in the Space Race as its equipment was used by satellites to communicate with stations on earth.

Collins Radio Company was Rockwell International in 1973, and in 2001, an aviation division was established, named Rockwell Collins. Today, Rockwell Collins is one of the major suppliers for defense and commercial applications. It employs over 20,000 people and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and listed on the S&P 500 Component. The current CEO is Kelly Ortberg as of August 2013. Rockwell Collins operates in three major business divisions: Commercial Systems, Government Systems, and International and Service Solutions.  Commercial Systems handles commercial airlines and business aircraft as well as the corresponding navigation and communication equipment. The government services division supplies parts primarily for the US military and government, although it does also supply foreign allies of the United States.


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